Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place

by maaskant

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released April 11, 2011

Written, Produced, & Mixed by Matthew Maaskant

Keyboards and Production: Murr & Ben Veneer

Backup Vocals: Joe Nadurata, Rosina Kazi, Amai Kuda, Ben Veneer, Anthony Barrington, Larra Skye
Upright Bass: Ian DeSouza
Viola: Joe Nadurata
Cello: Amber Walter-Amar, Stephanie Vittas
Drums: Dave Chan, Stefan Morin
Tabla: Gurpreet Chana



all rights reserved


maaskant Toronto, Ontario

maaskant is a gold miner, watching the stream drift past, while still completely alert enough to detect pattern and meaning. He brings this to his music, panning for beauty: ideas, sounds, collaborators and time, scattered bits that wash through his hand and he catches a flash here, a twinkle there and builds delicate structures, held gently together, anchored in the familiar, almost traditional. ... more

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Track Name: You Only Dream To Test Me
Long long time ago | when before there was | you were my reason | you were my because | you only dream to test me | to see how far I go | well your memories haven't left me | if that's what you want to know | I only puzzle the pieces | when I want you to take me home | It's time that I tried to meet you | It's time you were left alone | bodies attempting people | fall in love with a different face | they learn that there are no equals | when you're floating in outer space
Track Name: Fall To Pieces
i could fall to pieces | when you arrive in more | I talk like i understand | you wonder what that's for | find your difference from this place | make your distant holes in space | history reads itself | i couldn't agree more | fictions toast each other's health | and wonder what I'm for | i could speak with one voice | but you'll reply in more | i see the hole that's leaving | and wonder what you're for
Track Name: Orange
all i know is all i know of you | and all i've seen is all you've seen me through | and when i'm here time knows it's place | infant smile and sunburnt face | as every joy | uncovered by pain | dressed well in orange | it still feels the same | but the ceiling's too high | or the sky is too close | whichever this is | I'll still miss you the most | in orange
Track Name: Atlas
I'm not a victim | I just won't run anymore | I'm not a stranger | I won't choke up at your door | what's with the asking if I like the view from the floor | they say that movement comes from a stillness inside | I lose my patience | it's burning holes in your pride | you think I'm lucky | you want that luck on your side | you are who you are beneath | broken heart and missing teeth | time is a flat line | it's only dead when you're gone | it still remembers those nights we slept on the lawn | now I need an atlas | you need a rook and a pawn | the truth includes you even when you're second to none | don't let it move you | see how much harder it comes | walk with a limp now | at least we see how it's done
Track Name: East To West
Sweet clean air from east to west | Room to go and come | I loved my fellow man the best | When he was scattered some | We are here to train ambition we never stop to understand | That to see your own religion | You have to ask your hands | We built this language from east to west point | Built this language on a blade of grass
Track Name: Fallen Tree
you are your desire to be over me | I rage, sprained like a sympathy | you are your desire to be over me | I rule in silence like a fallen tree | thief or donor | precious owner | i will not matter more than where you go | you leave an opening to tell me so | life ruins it's mixtures of everything | take me a monkey made a mimic sing | you are carbon failed | you are more your life | I will not matter more than where you go | surviving, knowing everything you know | life ruins it's parodies of everyone | faint laughter staring like the morning sun | lies to light the night | cannot stop the time | cannot stop the
Track Name: Something Buried
They found something buried where the ground is new | So don't act suprised when they show it to you | You're gonna stand my ground for me | I'm gonna throw my stones and see | Praise be to | A voice I never knew | Love you put me through | Law I cannot | Fuse, refuse | Time and time to listen and to wonder where it breaks | You argue with the victim how much it's gonna take | From a stone's arm throw away | Nothing more, at least to say | So this is how it starts, how it always ends | This is what happens when you have to pretend | You can stand my ground for me | I guess you threw your stones to see
Track Name: Fireflies
Fireflies in your spine | Fragments of the sun | Broken bits of gold noon time | Sudden understanding | First spark of skin and bone | Riddles we won't solve | Linger in this unexpected | Oneness | Deeper than these midnights | Never so wonderful | Move like morning shadow | I've come to send you signal fires | Underneath your stony ground | I wound you in the greatest way | Nothing can prepare us | To starve for such simplicity | It's only love when you're filled with doubt | There's only one corner when the lights go out